Social Media – What’s it All About?

Social Media – What’s it All About?

In the business world, they say that high risk offers a high reward. Many would argue in this saying that is why much has to be studied when investing. One of the popular investments today is the penny stock or micro cap equity. But before investing to such, it is but right to examine the pros and cons of this kind and choose the best penny stock picks in the money market. Many are attracted to micro cap equities because of the volatility. This factor can be both good and bad. Also, there is an initial less investment needed but you can make large price move in a shorter time. Although these things might be true, there are still people who say no to this investment because of the security the company brings, and companies do not pay dividends.

When you finally realize that the pros outweighs the disadvantages, it is but right to get to know the top picks so that your investment will be in the right place. Knowing about the company policies, or even the mission and vision, the chance of being a scam are huge factors that can drive your money to distance or be gone right off the bat.

Here are a few penny stock picks from reliable sources:

1. Sunvalley Solar, Inc. (SSOL.OB)

This company has been picked by experts because of the 10-for-1 stock pit in August and raised shares to 800 million. It is a highly attractive looking stock because of the 소액결제현금화  promotions which leads to an improved SSOL liquidity. SSOL is a leading solar system solution that provides comprehensive solar energy technology to the homeowners.

2. Smart Card Marketing Systems, Inc. (SMKG)

The Smart Card Marketing Systems Inc. has approximately 10.7 million dollars shared since 2006 and the company has traded a total dollar value of nearly 8 million dollars which is good news to those who invests in this company. They also have squeezed trigger price of 0.57 dollars. Information about this company is that it is the leading prepaid card service management program, payment processing of Pin debit online transactions and bill payments in North America and Europe.

3. JC Data Solutions

This company focuses on Legal and Healthcare industries, Oil and Gas. They provide cost-effective solutions for digital data processing. Recently, they made the news when they traded 0.0015 dollars with 24 million shares traded reaching up to 87.50 percent in the market. It is a hot penny stock investment for everyone in the business industry.


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